Une expertise technique alliée à une parfaite connaissance des enjeux des clients en vue d’un conseil à forte valeur ajoutée

The members of Archers’tax department have extensive knowledge of the key challenges for enterprises but also of the evolutions affecting the various business sectors.

They focus on identifying with the client the most appropriate tax solutions, whether in the context of the regular monitoring of routine management operations or within the framework of more complex transactions, both in France and abroad.

The advice given purports to be concrete and pragmatic.

Our lawyers also provide assistance to clients within the framework of complex tax litigation and audits.

From international groups to French SMEs, our Tax department provides advisory services to a wide variety of clients, as well as to foreign correspondents where they are faced with French tax law issues.

Our lawyers deal more particularly with:

Transaction tax

  • Tax aspects of acquisitions, restructuring, mergers-acquisition, LBOs, OBOs, MBOs
  • Structuring of foreign group investments in France

Real estate projects

  • Assistance within the framework of real estate portfolio acquisitions (long term capital gain structuring, choice of acquisition vehicle structure) or within the framework of real estate asset outsourcing transactions
  • Taxation of SIICs, OPCIs, SCPIs
  • Guidance within the framework of routine issue management (real estate VAT, 3% tax, registration duties)

Audits and litigation

  • Assistance with audits of accounts
  • Negotiations with the tax authorities
  • Tax litigation before judicial and administrative courts

Tax team:

Eric Labro