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Through our specialist areas, our firm works to produce the optimal result in whichever economic sector, industry or service our clients are acting. When called for, our practice area specialists work with other practice specialists to provide a seamless, one-stop service. With the one-stop notion in mind, our firm brings into the fold dedicated specialist law firms in key areas such as employment law and patent law when necessary.

Our practices

Global-standard banking & finance counsel for the financial services community and corporate borrowers

Counsel of choice for the private equity community doing business in France

Clear, innovative tax counsel for France and project management of cross-border tax issues

Global-standard Mergers & Acquisitions counsel in France and Europe

Highly-experienced expert advisers for distressed situations

A leading real estate capability for the French and global market

Creative and effective dispute resolution strategies in a tough economic climate

Trusted advisers of first choice for the high net worth community world-wide