Private Equity

Bespoke solutions for investment funds and executive management, which make them catalysts for corporate change

Arches has been, for a great many years, a leading operator in the French private equity market. Over the years, the experience of Archers’s Private Equity team has enabled them to partner with our clients to organize and carry out their transactions and to maximize their return on investment.

Archers’ Private Equity team is recognized for its in-depth knowledge of this market’s operators as well as of the technical and financial constraints facing them.

Depending on the characteristics of the proposed transaction, we systematically offer our clients, through a small yet integrated team, a threefold expertise, which breaks down in the following manner:

— Global coordination and Equity aspects
— Debt and mezzanine financing
— Tax structuring and audit

We provide advisory services to French and Anglo-Saxon investment funds, as well as to executives, for the structuring and completion of investments in the context of domestic or panEuropean transactions.

Our team’s practice focuses essentially on the following areas:

Assistance to investment funds

  • during all phases of the transaction (including due diligence)
  • on all tax and legal related matters pertaining to the transaction as well as its financing aspects (equity, mezzanine and debt)

Assistance to executive management

  • tax and legal structuring of management packages
  • implementing rules of governance applicable to the transaction

Spin off and structuring of management companies

  • designing profit sharing schemes for the investor teams
  • structuring management company modus operandi

Private Equity team:

Emily Pabot du Chatelard

Marc Baffreau