Archers advises Acrelec and its shareholders in a transaction with Brie Picardie Expansion, Equity and IDIA SOCADIF


Brie Picardie Expansion, IDIA and SOCADIF invested in Acrelec, a world leader in the manufacture of interactive terminal, along with Acrelec founders, Jalel Souissi and Jacques Mangeot.

Located in Paris, in Saint Thibault des Vignes, the company with the support of the regional bank Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie, has grown to become a major player with a consolidated turnover of nearly €85 million.

In 2004, with the takeover of the company by Jalel Souissi and Jacques Mangeot, Acrelec has focused on developing innovative payment solutions to fast food, then retail and finally, other restaurant chains or retail. The group markets including interactive terminals, now widely used in fast food chains. The company has a significant presence in Europe and markets its products in over 50 countries.

The aim of the operation is to allow the group to continue its growth with particularly strong development ambitions in the USA and Asia. In this spirit, the group signed in June 2016 acquisition of the US based company HyperActive Technologies which provides innovative digital solutions to fast food chains in the US.

Acrelec has an excellent expertise in its market, and a research team and particularly reactive and innovative development. The goal of Crédit Agricole Group’s investor is to accompany this beautiful company in pursuing its growth plan in new markets.

Archers’s team in this transaction consisted of:

– Marc Baffreau (equity)
– Paul Henri de Cabissole (debt financing)
– Arnaud Viard (tax structuring)

Other law firms:

IDIA: Gide, David James Sebag and Bruno Laffond
Crédit Agricole: Cornet Vincent Segurel, André Watbot